A Bunch of Great New Louis Vuitton Bags Have Quietly Popped Up on the Brand’s Site Recently

If you’ve ever tried to browse the offerings on Louis Vuitton‘s website, you know that the setup is not exactly user-friendly. There’s no section where you can find new arrivals, the site doesn’t organize anything by seasonal collections, product thumbnails load slowly–it’s almost like the brand wants you to complete a digital obstacle course before you’re allowed to buy anything. That makes it hard to know when a new design has been released, which is too bad, because there are a bunch of great, relatively recent debuts available on the brand’s website right now.

We took the long scroll through the site’s biggest product category and found a bunch of bags worth seeing. Some of the bags below are brand new, while others are new sizes or fabrications of bags that you might recognize. In all likelihood, at least one or two have been around longer and we’ve just never come across them before in our trips through LV’s byzantine e-commerce system. But hey, maybe those will be new for you, too. Either way, check out some of our favorites below.

from PurseBlog http://ift.tt/2kDnLOt

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