Chanel Cerf Bag Look for Less- Kate Spade Candace Satchel

At first glance when I ran across the Kate Spade Candace Satchel, it reminded me of the Chanel Cerf Bag. It pretty much looks identical and definitely scores a B+ when it comes to a look-for-less version. The Kate Spade Candace Satchel is pretty spot on when it comes everyday work style. It has all the features that one looks for in a work purse. First, you have the overly spacious size, which is ideal for anything and everything- laptops, papers, snacks, water bottle, umbrella, etc. The rain protecting top closure- something most people don’t think about until it’s too late. One thing that this bag has that the Chanel Cerf Bag does not, is the zip top closure. Brilliant! I live in Seattle, where it rains every so often, so this is definitely a nice feature to have. I love to use my Cerf Tote on most work-occasions because of the size, clean style, and simple structure. However, on rainy days it has to be left at home. Also, I would say this bag is a little bit more structured than the Chanel Cerf. Not my much, but it definitely has a more blocky look. All and all if you’re looking …

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