Chanel Releases Its Biggest Lookbook Ever for Pre-Collection Spring 2017; We Have All 115 Bags and Prices

If your preferred manner of escapism is gazing upon beautiful handbags, then Chanel has come through for you in a big way today. The brand just released its lookbook for Chanel Pre-Collection Spring 2017 bags, and it’s nearly triple the length of what it was giving us only a couple seasons ago. Yes, we have broken the triple digits today, and because Chanel doesn’t preview its pre-collections, you’ve probably never seen most of them before.

There’s not a lot in the way of splashy new bag shapes here, but the collection’s breadth is still impressive even without a big debut. There are tons of Boy Bags and 2.55 Flap Bags, which will undoubtedly please Chanel fans, and if you’re looking for something versatile and functional, the lineup is also full of totes in every imaginable size, color and configuration.

Take a look at all 115 bags, plus prices for all but one, below. These bags should be arriving in Chanel boutiques any day now.

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