Designers Have Embraced the Chinese Lunar New Year with Rooster-Themed Accessories

In case you missed it, the Lunar New Year was this past Saturday, January 28, and we’ve now entered the Year of the Rooster. Lunar New Year is a Chinese holiday that has become increasingly global as Chinese influence on world culture expands, and this year, a lot of European and American designers alike are getting in on the fun.

Along with Chinese cultural expansion has come a rapidly growing market for luxury goods in the country, so it’s no surprise brands would want to appeal to those customers in much the same way they do to Americans on Valentine’s Day, for example. This year, that means handbags and accessories adorned with cute roosters, as well as more traditional Chinese markers, like vibrant red and iconic Chinese knots. Check out some of our favorite Lunar New Year-themed designer pieces below.

from PurseBlog

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