Get a Peek at Louis Vuitton’s Upcoming Spring 2017 Bags in the Brand’s New Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton knows what side its bread is buttered on. The brand may make gorgeous full lines of ready-to-wear, outwear and shoes, but when it comes down to it, the make-or-break element of Vuitton’s business is handbags and accessories, and nothing makes that clearer than the brand’s seasonal ad campaigns. They’re always chock full of yet-to-be-released bags, some of which also didn’t appear on the runway, which means they’re of particular interest to us.

Vuitton released its Spring 2017 campaign recently, which has lots of clear, up-close photos of the season’s new accessories, including the buzzed-about Etui iPhone Case. The ads also feature longtime brand ambassadors Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly, as well as a handful of LV’s favorite models. Check out the ads below.

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