The Many Bags of Chiara Ferragni

Remember back in the day when brands and traditional media scoffed at blogs, who they assumed were destined to be flashes in the pan who never truly impacted the industry? That sentiment hasn’t aged well. Just ask Italian street style star Chiara Ferragni; she turned her personal style blog, The Blonde Salad, into a multimedia mini empire and herself into a millionaire, launching her own shoe line along the way. It’s amazing what a lot of hustle and a little swanning around at fashion week can do.

Most documentation of Chiara’s handbag collection comes from FW shots, but in the past year or two, she’s become mainstream famous enough that paparazzi occasionally snap her around her adopted home of Los Angeles. While w get ready for the impending New York Fashion week, we took some time to look over all the photos, and you can check out our findings from Chiara’s collection below.

from PurseBlog

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