The PurseBlog Guide to Valentine’s Day 2017 Gifts for Your Fave Accessories Lover

Even if you enjoy Valentine’s Day–I generally do–you can probably agree that it’s pretty corny. The holiday’s tropes feel a little lame and formal for adult humans in adult relationships, but if you make it your own, it’s a great opportunity to do something nice for your spouse, partner, best friend–whoever. It’s best celebrated as a day of affection and appreciation, no matter who you’re with.

Valentine’s Day also traditionally involves gift-giving, and I have a little theory about how to make that go smoothly as well: the best Valentine’s Day gifts are things that can be worn or used in everyday life, but picking something in a traditional V-Day color gives the recipient a nice reminder of the occasion the piece marks. If you’re more of a candy person, there are chic ways to do that, too–check out all of our suggestions below.

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